Why Concierge Medicine

What Makes Us Special

Concierge Medicine (CM) is an emerging medical care model that aims to provide the best type of practice for both patients and physicians. It allows the physician, and not the insurance companies or hospital administrators, to determine what is best for each individual patient. With increasing interference and regulations from bureaucratic institutions, the quality of patient care in hospital-owned practices has declined, and the dissatisfaction of both patients and physicians has become a national concern.

My Commitment

A CM practice allows me to care for a smaller number of patients and thereby enhance the quality of care that my patients receive. Each patient is provided with ready access to care by prompt, same-day appointments or options for phone consultations and email communications. All appointments are given ample time so there is never a hurry or rush to discuss all concerns and questions. The clinic setting is more personal and intimate, creating a more relaxed, personal and peaceful experience.

In order for a CM practice to be independent of hospital health systems and insurance company interference, a fee is necessary so that the practice is financially viable. The fee is a means of protecting the doctor-patient relationship from the administrative intrusion of the insurance companies and ensuring that this relationship remains personal and private, enabling appropriate and excellent care. A CM practice will also eliminate the demand placed by administrators to see a high quota of patients per day. Without the pressure of this demand, I can provide more time for each patient and address all concerns necessary at each visit without feeling rushed. In essence, within the framework of CM, medical care will be patient-based and I will have the ability to keep the patient's needs at the forefront of care.